Minutes from Wine Country

Just a pleasant few minutes away from Jacksonville you’ll find the Applegate Valley. Lush valley floors to steep terraced hillsides, vineyards are planted on all kinds of topography in countless wine regions around the world. While wine country is always picturesque, few settings are as strikingly beautiful as the Applegate Valley in Southern Oregon. Fifty mere miles long, the Applegate Valley heads north from the California border, following the meandering and crystal clear Applegate River, a tributary of the mighty Rogue. This is Oregon, after all, where the rivers run clean and strong. Forested hillsides surround a valley that is fertile and temperate, hosting numerous fields of fragrant lavender, meticulous small family farms growing organic produce, herds of grass-fed cattle, and rows of grape vines, stretching away from the country road and up across the foothills. Within this dynamic and bucolic terrain is a special 275,000 acre wine appellation known as the Applegate Valley AVA. Contained within the Rogue Valley AVA, which itself is part of the larger Southern Oregon AVA, the Applegate Valley AVA is represented by the Applegate Valley Oregon Vintner’s Association (AVOVA), a group of 18 unique wineries producing a diverse array of wines. In what Sunset Magazine called “Wine country the way it should be”, these purveyors present their wines in an up close and personal manner rarely found in other locales: the same hands that make your wine will shake yours at the door.

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